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2023 ASIC Selected Artist

Alex Park

Beyond the data network

27H x 37W cm, Poster color and gouache on paper, 2021

This painting represents how if data exists, it is inevitably made up of data itself. The painting is composed of symbols of industrialism and modernism, and shows individual fragments of how data can be made up. This painting dives deeper into data itself; exploring the 'depths' of data and displaying how data may not seem like what people believe in. It is an abstract take on data and introduces how having a different perspective on data, can allow one to delve deeper into what may seem like mere numbers.

H_65_박준홍_selected artist.jpg

2023 ASIC Selected Artist

Ahyeon Kim

미래 응급 시스템

27.5 X 38.1 cm, Marker, Colored Pencil & Photoshop, 2023

제 작품은 미래의 구급 비행기를 운전하는 저입니다. 저는 미래의 도시를 묘사하고 구급 비행기 내부의 기술 장비를 그렸습니다. 과학 기술의 발달로 구급 비행기가 만들어지면 교통 체증의 방해 없이 편리하고 효율적으로 생명을 구할 수 있을 것입니다.

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